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MaYò 637
Prices for your homemade wooden sailboat kit:

  • Project, licence, plans and instructiones: 1.200 € + VAT
  • Hull Kit (licence and plans included): Okumè Plywood sheets and template: 5.000 € + VAT
  • Rooder, keel and complete hardware: 2.800 € + VAT
  • Epoxy fiberglass and additives: 2.000 € + VAT
  • McConaghy Mast and Rig on demand.

Su richiesta possiamo fornire anche la barca completa, prezzo da definire a seconda delle finiture.

The homemade wooden sailboat MaYò 637 has been engeneered by Paolo Bua, vist the website for technical information!

Contact me for any info at:

homemade wood sailboat kit